TANet is a group of the leading regional Technology Transfer and Innovation Centres co-operating together in a UK and European Network to provide world-class services to the Engineering and Manufacturing sector.

"To increase the competitiveness of UK Engineering and Manufacturing by the transfer of New Technologies, plus Innovative Training and Education by means of a network of actively co-operating Centres of Expertise." In particular, the aim is to develop a cohesive approach to addressing the shortage of engineering skills and improving the competitiveness of UK industry. TANet addresses all sectors and sizes of company but has a special emphasis on the transfer of skills and Technologies to SMEs.


The first role of TANet, therefore is to facilitate co-operation between Centres to exchange data, skills, experience and technology services and provide a high quality, comprehensive service to the customer. The second role of TANet is to add value and identify new business opportunities for the Technology Centres by:-

  • Raising the profile of the network and highlighting the capabilities of the centres, acting as a delivery channel to industry for National and European programmes of work.
  • Initiating Technology Transfer, Dissemination and Innovation programmes for implementation by the Centres.
  • Co-operating with major industrial OEMs and groups wishing to implement their own policy initiatives (e.g. supply chain, quality) via the network.
  • Providing a single point of contact and partner search facilities for National and European research programmes (6th Framework, ESRC, ISI, ESF).
  • Providing feedback, advice and information to government on behalf of members.
  • Regular technology briefings for members by recognised experts.
  • The third role of TANet is to transfer technology to the Centres themselves by regular technology briefings by recognised experts, awareness of new research and initiatives.
  • TANet members access a combined industry customer base of more than 9000 SMEs.



Each Technology Centre belonging to the Network is capable of the practical demonstration of the application of new technologies, the management of innovation and the process of change. Each Centre, however, tends to specialise in particular technologies, roles or sectors, but looks for access to other additional skills and services in order to offer a comprehensive service to satisfy the customer. Capabilities of the Network include:-

  • Design Engineering and Product Modelling
  • Advanced manufacturing and robotics
  • Information and Communications Technologies
  • E-Business
  • Prototyping and test
  • Environment

Above all members are committed to understanding the organisational impact of technology and change for engineering and manufacturing companies in order to achieve successful implementation.

TANet is funded by Member Subscription

Current Registered Address for TANet:

Technology Application Network Limited (TANet),
c/o Control 2K Limited,
Waterton Technology Centre,
Waterton Industrial Estate, Bridgend,
CF31 3WT. 

Phone: +44 (0)1656 646405. 
Email: admin@tanet.eu



TANet centres offer outstanding demonstration, trial, test and education facilities. Such facilities include state-of-the-art design and graphics studios, manufacturing workshops and simulated company networks. They emphasise practical hands on demonstrations of solutions, case studies for the introduction of new technologies and proven methodologies for the management of change.