Our Key Members
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TANet isn't an exclusive club of members but it does pride itself on ensuring that the membership has something new and exciting in the field of current and future Technologies. If you feel that you should be part of the network then please contact us and state your reasons as to why you should be selected to join TANet.

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Membership of the network brings many advantages. The TANet Support Team actively maintains the www.tanet.eu communications network and provide an effective contact management and partner search service. The web site offers a Directory of Technology Centres and links through to member web sites for direct contact to your nearest Centre.

But TANet is more than a contact point; it is a private source of information for the Centres on new government programmes, initiatives and new projects. The network is in regular meetings with government, regional agencies, the European Commission and other business networks. Many members of TANet are often leading participants in these areas.

TANet also offers members the opportunity to promote their own capabilities and achievements in the Technology Showcase. Company Profiles, case studies, project results and briefings can be published, whilst events, and announcements can appear in the News areas. Network meetings and workshops encourage the development of new partnerships and exchange of ideas.



TANet has developed relationships with a number of sponsoring organisations and links which gives exclusive access for TANet members to:-    

  • Involvement with European Projects starting from IST Programmes of the Fifth Framework to the current H2020 Programme (2015)
  • Access to many Research organisations and SME's across the UK
  • Access to free demonstration software from leading vendors complete with free installation and training
  • Free access to SMECluster - for tendering opportunities
  • Four Network and Technology Briefing Meetings per annum